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Be Permanently Beautiful

First of all let’s explain what permanent cosmetics or some times referred to as semi permanent make up or micro pigmentation actually are.

Permanent cosmetics is a type of cosmetic tattooing. Unlike conventional tattooing, the difference being the pigments used are of a translucent nature which work with your own natural under tones of the skin. Pigments are infused into the reticular layer of the skin and are visible through the upper layers at a depth of 0.5mm,much shallower than a tattoo.

The pigments used are hypoallergenic and pharmaceutically tested which are ideal for those allergic to conventional cosmetics.

Semi Permanent versus Permanent

Most of the time you will undoubtedly hear the term semi permanent, and the reason being this. Once pigment as been implanted into the skin they will begin to fade. To what degree depends upon colour, age and skin type. If you were never to have a recommended colour boost every 12/18 months the colour will gradually become lighter and lighter. However, even though the colour may fade to the degree of not being visible, there will always be traces of pigment left in the skin which in fact makes the term permanent.

The number one enemy of permanent cosmetics is the sun, as strong sunlight will fade your permanent cosmetics, so a total sun block is a must in strong sun.

There are many reasons why permanent cosmetics make such a difference to so many peoples life. Here are just a few.

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